8 Problems and Issues of ZTE Zmax Pro (Explained in Details)

Issues and Problems of ZTE Zmax Pro

This article is about the ZTE Zmax Pro problems, issues and cons.

If you don’t want to spend more and still want a decent mid-range specs then this is it. This smartphone is the one you should be after. It has loaded with tons of features. And about the specs it is even better than many mid range devices. For instance it has a massive 6 inch display which happens to be a full HD panel. The engine is powered with a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon 617 chipset  along with 2 GB of RAM. The GPU is Adreno 405 graphics. The optics department is powered by a 13 megapixel sensor. It has fingerprint sensor on the back and the lists goes on and on. Now I have published this article to let you know the ZTE Zmax Pro issues, problems and cons.


Below are the lists of ZTE Zmax Pro problems and issues. All these can be also considered as disadvantages, demerits, bugs and downsides.

1. The first issues is with the absence of ambient light sensor. It is required for adaptive brightness of the display.

2. Next ZTE Zmax Pro problems or cons is the absence of gyroscope.

3. It takes more than 5 hours to fully charge the battery. The reason is because it does not have fast battery charging technology which is another ZTE Zmax Pro issues or demerits.

4. Next is the video quality of the 13 megapixel camera is quite shaky. Plus the quality in artificial lightning or low light the video quality is a bit grainy..

5. Another ZTE Zmax Pro cons is the non user replaceable battery.

6. The company did not published the radiation levels or SAR values of the device which is a ZTE Zmax Pro problems.

7. It takes more than 1 second to unlock the device with the fingerprint sensor. It is one of the slowest fingerprint sensor to have on a smartphone.


8. And finally the last ZTE Zmax issues or problems is the absence of dedicated sales after support. They just refer to third-party ones, and you know what, those third-party service centers are pathetic.

My Verdict: Despite the problems and issues it still a good buy if you compromise. But in case if you cannot compromise then follow the link below for a better alternative smartphone.



Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the display have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection?

– Yes, it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the display.

Is the memory card slot a dedicated one?

– Yes, it is a dedicated one and can support up to 128 GB with a microSD card.

Are the navigational touch buttons dedicated and backlit?

– Yes, the navigational touch buttons are dedicated but not backlit.

Can the primary camera record slow motion videos?

– Yes it can record slow motion videos with the primary camera.

Does it support VoLTE?

– No, it does not support VoLTE.

Does it have NFC support?

– No, it does not have NFC.

Does the ZTE Zmax Pro lags or hangs?

– You can play any games without any lagging problem or hanging issues what so ever.

What about signal or network reception issues?

– No, there is no any signal receiving problems with either data or voice calls.

Does the ZTE Zmax Pro have heating issues?

– No there is no any heating problems what so ever. It heats a little but that is very normal as all other smartphones heat but no any insane ver heating issues.


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      • Lis: You must have that special model of ZMax Pro… 😉 Mine seems to be glued on tight. And that’s OK with me since there’s nothing to access on the back panel. I wish these manufacturers would stop building new ones with non-removables. I prefer to purchase secondary batteries and just swap it out when it dies. Anyone else?

      • Why would my metro PC’s ZTE pro max. Z981 data turning and off by itself all the time I go in setting it’s off I can see it turn itself on real quicky leave settings start up and ur life right w
        Away sure enough data shut it’s self off metro has no idea this is March 2017 I got oh Christmas 2016 trouble started Dec 31 new year’s Eve can anyone at all suggest what to do thanks Cyndy

        • Have you tried a hard reset that might work I don’t know for sure I just bought mine a month or so ago but I haven’t had any issues with mine yet so good luck.

  1. I’ve had mine for 3 weeks and now the lock screen states “Fingerprint Hardware Not Available”. I had it all set up and working great. Reboot does not fix it. I don’t know what happened or why it’s not functioning anymore. I’m still looking for the solution. Just FYI..

    • Same issue, had my phone for 1.5 weeks and now “fingerprint hardware not available” what the what? Anybody have a fix for this?

    • UPDATE: The fix that I found had to do with permissions. Have you limited, denied or revoked access to any of the Metro or Google apps, ones that you previously approved? IF I recall correctly, I had previously been testing which permissions the Google Play Services truly needed, along with some other Metro app requests when I hastily yanked something that was important. The fingerprint hardware error did not appear immediately which indicated to me that whatever app is was, discovered that I had denied access and then it disabled the sensor. I assume that when you pull a permission that has already been previously approved, the change doesn’t actually happen until after you do a hard reboot. That’s when it reloaded the permission set and discovered it no longer had access. It confused me for a while, thinking the hardware had failed on me. Just until I realized it was me, that caused my own problem. It would be great if someone could confirm this fix for me. The sensor has been working flawlessly since. I just need to stop messing with the settings on these hungry apps and just submit to the Google gods. Google Play Services seems to have complete and full access to nearly everything on the cell.

      • How do you set up your phone to use the fingerprint mode mine keeps telling me that I don’t have any fingerprints on file how do you put a fingerprint on file so I can use that function if you or anyone knows how I would appreciate it if you would let me know cause I have a hard time remembering passwords lol

  2. Everytime I’m on a call the phone somehow switches screens which then mutes me until I can unlock the phone and switch back to the call screen. Any fixes?

  3. Also for the radiation levels, that is one of the things the FCC, and cell phone network “HAVE” to test before they approve a device for the us and the network it’s running on. Their are legal limits and those are well below any danger level, also all radiation from electronics communications are the type called non ionizing radiation, so they can’t give you cancer, but if powerful enough would function as a microwave, but even the towers that your phone connect to put out less radiation then a microwave oven. Moral of the story, you are safe and radiation from cell phones is just as unsafe as, having electricity in your house or using wifi on a laptop.

  4. It does support volte, I know this because when I call the network falls back to 4g, meaning that the LTE is being used for voice data

    • Most if the reviews that i have read all state that the phone supports up to a 256gb micro sd. If you are using one with that much memory, i would suggest the SanDisk Ultra micros as they are much more reliable and less subjective to failing. As for the Snapdragon 617 as this review says… My specs state that it has the Snapdragon 917.

    • Odd on 1 page on the zte site it says 256 gb, another says 128 gb on the zte site, t-mobile says 64gb. have a feeling 256 is ok. glad it works for you.

  5. I have issue with whatsapp and messenger ( voice) , it kept disconnecting, and when family is overseas, that’s very inconvenience not to be able to talk with them, I had the phone replaced it twice, and still not working properly.

    • VOIP, Voice Over IP is data hungry. You have to look at the bandwidth of the network you’re using. ESPECIALLY if you’re connecting to the other side of the planet. Your issue is definitely a speed issue. Otherwise those replacements would have resolved your dropped call and/or disconnect problem.

  6. My zmax pro when charging tells me it is at 100 but really it will be at 75 and stop charging. Anyone else having this problem? This is my second zmax pro. The first one did the same thing and just stopped charging

    • Laura, BT worked great for me. I hooked up the handsfree first, then sent the iHeart app right through the stereo. I even used Google Maps/Nav audio. But you have to enable that from within the app. (Send audio to Bluetooth)

      So I was listening to my fav iHeart station, talking handsfree calls, and hearing turn by turn directions, all thru Bluetooth at the same time.

      • Dude did u even use the phone.
        You have three cons on this list and one frequintly asked question answer that are %100 incorrect also I have charged mine from %8 to %100 in less than an hour
        here is a list of the incorrect cons on your list.
        Your incorrect cons are.
        1.a)the lack of ambiant light sensor
        B)WRONG there is an ambiant light sensor in fact adaptive brightness is rite there in the settings menu
        2.a)the absence of gyrascope
        B)WRONG according to many sources online including phone arena and GSM arena this phone has a gyrascope
        3.a)the phone takes over 5 hours to fully charge
        B)in my experience WRONG I have charged mine from %8 to %100 percent in under 1 hour
        4.a)phone does not support volte
        B) WRONH once again phone arena and GSM arena as well as many other phone info sites dissagre with u on this con

    • I had same problem, delete All phones on your car.. Then add new phone.. Should work.. Worked for me..Metro guy came out to my car and fixed it.

  7. This phone is great but I had to go thru my Facebook Messenger to text anyone my phone started glitching in regular text message and would hit send by itself one letter per text it was annoying. I even factory reset my phone like three times and it kept doing it.
    Plus I’ve noticed my charger is getting hot when I plug it into my phone. Like super hot I’m thinking it could catch fire. Plus when I’m on a call the screen is too sensitive half the time I have to use speaker because it’s too touchy.

  8. Issues with Dolby audio. It’s unresponsive. The only thing that’s responsive is scrolling through the presets… Movie, music, etc…. Anyone else having issues with theirs??

  9. My ZTE ZMAX PRO camera stopped working. Everytime I go to camera it keep telling me unfortunately Camera has stopped. I did a factory reset twice and cleared cache, reboot 20 times and hit forced stop and still nothing. I also downloaded a camera app and only the front camera work in that app but on the camera app that came with the phone doesn’t do anything….What should I do?

  10. My camera has stopped working. Worked in the morning and stopped at night. I’ve done everything, resets, reboots, cache wipe. It just keeps saying “Unfortunately camera has stopped” Seriously please help.

  11. Cannot get updates or downloads,tried everthing they said to do,still not working,this is my second phone with the same problem, how do I fix this are there any updates for this phone.

  12. My phone was charged to around 48% I took a 2 hr nap..And then I woke up , and had no screen display, I took it to a metri pcs store and the lady had the same phone and same issue prior to us meeting over my issue…She said to leave it odd for 24 hrs to recharge it the next day…So now im on my Lg Stylo..What can be done..I think my Zte Zmax pro is a bad phone…Ive had other issues.too. The phone otherwise seems to be pretty good …

  13. Anyone having issues with zmax pro turning off randomly and not turning back on? I had the phone for about 3 weeks, worked fine one minute, put it to charge and left it for about an hour. Went back to it and it wouldn’t turn on. I took it back to metro and they tries everything and could not fix it so they did a warranty and replaced the phone. My replacement arrived yesterday, I picked it up around 4pm, everything worked great, then my alarm went off at 6am today, I turned off the alarm, went to shower and came back to find it did the exact same thing as the other one did. I went back to metro today and the lady played with it a bit and was able to get it back on by pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time and holding for a few seconds. It has happened again 3 times this evening since then. I was able to get it back on myself using the same trick, the first time took about 19 seconds, the second time it took 4-5 seconds, and the last time it took 12 seconds. Not sure if it will keep doing this or if I should warranty it out again and try for a 3rd zmax pro in hopes that a different one will not do the same thing. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, were you able to resolve it?

  14. I just went and picked up another ZTE ZMAX PRO because I cannot download any Google Play Apps Other than CM Security Apps. Even after uninstalling them I’m still unable to install any of the previous apps I had before like my games or my bank app. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • Had same problem you have to go into settings in Google play and allow less protected downloads. It has fixed and now can download any app on Google play. Hope this helps.

  15. Phone overheated, fried to cables, burning inside. Store said it was the charging port, found out it wasn’t the charging port, they swapped phone after a very hard time saying originally the port (which obviously wasn’t the problem, just a symptom of the internal problem) isn’t covered by the warranty. I’m using a 5v 1A jack instead of the 5v 2.4A one given to me just to make sure the new one doesn’t overheat too. I’ll keep you posted.

    • My fingerprint sensor gets really hot and doesn’t work I just noticed it today and I got my phone about a week ago! Did you ever have that problem?

    • Mine just caught fire while I was holding it burnt my finger it was smoking and everything the port is completely melted outside and inside the charger is melted and all…Iam just glad I was not sleeping.

  16. Just got the zmax pro had the zmax before this and that phone is alot faster then this one! And I have half the apps on this phone as I had on the old one. Keeps saying memory is at 77,% I am constantly cleaning with clean master. ( I’ve never had a probl3m with clean master) how can that much memory be used on this phone compared to never having a problem on the last zmax?

    • I don’t like clean master it mess up my last phone . I don’t put any cleaner, boosters on my my new phone, I had only one problem with the ZTE is sending text message it saids sending is pending they gave me a new phone it still did the same thing I found out myself it’s is was error in the message app that came with the phone. So I downloaded me a new message app and it works great.

  17. I just got the zte zmax pro last night 10/7 and my finger print worked all day until it was night and says hardware isn’t found. What can I do please help


  19. The phone does support fast charging. All you have to do is buy the fast charging plug and also It does not take 5 hours to fully charge my phone. I fully charge mind in like 45-1 hour with my normal charger and my speed charging app.
    It fast charger doesn’t come with phone because ZTE had to cut corners in some areas to make phone so cheap.But still all in all the phone is been great for me.

  20. I’m having trouble with my power button, or I think so. It keeps turning on and off. I finally got it back on after basically an hour of it not even getting to the home screen, and then powering itself back on. Afraid to touch my power button again. What should I do??!!

  21. The ZTE zmax pro does not take 5 hours to charge..also it does support quick charge…it works with my galaxy 7 edge rapid charger.

  22. I recently purchased a ZTE zmax pro. I have encountered none of the issues that you noted. I want to preface this by saying that I have recently owned a Nexus, a Samsung s 7(thankfully no fire, LOL)., And a Droid turbo and a Droid turbo 2. I got sick of fighting the large carrier over billing issues, so I decided to go prepaid w one of the “off” carriers. Granted I was aware of the ownership and networks. I started with Boost. Not a fan of sprint, but the best larger phone for the money. (LG Stylo). I ended up moving and service was spotty at best. Got tired of calls dropping, so I looked for another carrier. T mobile (Metro PCS) looked the best on the coverage map, so there I went. Now, back to the phone itself, it needs to be thinner, lighter, and have a front speaker(s) and be NFC capable. Also, it uses “c” cable instead of the standard micro USB. Trust me, c cables are hard to find. You just about have to order them online. My understanding is that c cables will be the standard in the future, so at some point it may be a moot point. I had a couple of minor issues that were mainly user error. A stop by the store alleviated those. As a fa as the fingerprint scanner, the key is to take the time and let it get good images during setup. Mine works instantly. Gyroscope? I think you should confirm your research before you make statements. Do a bit of digging. You will find that you are incorrect sir. I almost bought an LGstylo 2. Hard choice. Hardware and a bigger screen won out. Plus, nobody ever really uses the stylus anyway. It’s a really cool piece of bloatware. Plus I read many many comparisons. Yes, even with 1080P, the visual quality doesn’t rival the 700.00 phones with AMOLED tech, but, ZTE is trying to break into the market by selling well equipped device’s at a loss. (Think of Kia and Hyundai a few years ago). Anyhow, with discounts for changing carriers and instant rebates, I walked out the door with a pretty badass phone with a 6inch screen for forty bucks. So far, so good. If I encounter issues I’ll let you know. If so, we’ll move on to the next phone. Good luck bro.

  23. Correction: apparently it has some sort of magnetometer and software that is supposed to mimic a gyroscope (I’ve heard it’s really bs), but no gyroscope. So I stand corrected sir. My humble apologies.

  24. I got a ZTE phone and it’s alot of problems,the phone down calls alot;the phone is not clear when talking to someone most of the time. In addition, the phone have problems with asking a incoming call.

  25. Any ideas about wifi issues? Its been working fine for a month, but now it says “connected, no internet” and shows an exclamation by the wifi symbol. Ive restarted, erased and reset the network, turned off wifi, etc. :/

  26. The touch screen clicks when trying to scroll. The speaker is not very loud and hard to hear calls. Several times I have not been able to click on parts of screen, for instance the delete button on keyboard. The power cord is cheap. Broke in a few days. Cheap China imports are much better quality.
    My first phone lasted less than two months. I rebooted as yet again, I could not get any data connection. It went to metro screen and never went further. Took back on Warranty. More fast connection issues with this phone. Third time going back with this one today. Suppose to get a new replacement. We’ll see how the third phone works.
    Pros: battery life is great, 32gb built in storage, price

  27. I have had ZMAX PRO 12 day and the voice part of the is dead can make call can’t hear me at all no controls for.
    S voice can’t figure it out it worked before bed and in morning nothing can do everything else it says but make calls I can hear them but they can’t hear me

  28. Some of these facts are wrong at the top. The buttons can be flipped and they are backlit. The phone does support Volt calling. Finger print sensor works great for a 100$ phone. If you want your phone faster go in to developer options. The phone does have fast charging which will only work if you have a fast charger adapter. The part that plugs into the wall like the ones that come with Samsung notes and s series phones or LG. Once you plug it up go into settings and go to battery and it will say fast charging, which is about a hour and a half instead of 3 to 4. I have had the tmobile version for 3 weeks, what I can say is the back camera is 13mp but it’s only OK and you can’t be moving at all when you take a pic. The front is a 5mp and the same its only OK. Bluetooth is good with some and bad for other devices. Headphones yes. In the car it connects for a while then drops signal. Battery last all day. Great big phone with a lot of features for about less.

  29. Why when I play stuff like YouTube or Pandora, it always stops? I can’t get through a song or video without hitting play like 5 6 times.

  30. Got the phone about 3 months ago…. it has been acting up like rebooting itself and shutting off suddenly and bad reception. Today the phone just died… took it to metro pcs and they said that the battery probably is not good. I lost all of my appointments along with my backed up pictures… and new contacts… it was set on google back up btw!!!! Now they told me that it’s under warranty and that it will be replaced…. do I want another phone that is this crappy at this point? I have to wait 3 days to get it on a Holiday week!!

  31. My ZTE ZMAX PRO has completely blanked out. Not sure if it’s on or off but it’s not responsive to any actions. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks.

  32. Yea it has major major problems sending and receiving text messages as well along with the speaker you talk into . Horrible horrible horrible .

  33. Hello,

    I don’t know where you are getting your information, but my ZMAX Pro charge in exactly 1hr 40mins. Then,it will last me all day with about an hour of Pokemon Go. Also, if you want to conserve on battery life, you might want to not have Bluetooth and location on all the time with screen brightness high. Too many people say that a battery is trash when it is the person who is running too many programs or the setting are all on.

    The ZMAX Pro is a great phone, you just need to know what not to do. It’s the same with any phone, including higher end Samsungs or lower end iPhones.

    Other than that, you have your facts pretty straight, thank you for your article. Though, you did leave out the screen glitch. I read this before I got my ZMAX Pro and now I have had it for over two months. I highly recommend this phone to anyone who wants a flagship, bit can’t afford it.

    Have a good day,
    ~Christopher Burk

  34. Ugh just got phone 2 weeks ago and it just powers off. Then acts like it’s gonna turn back on but gets stuck on the zte screen. Now it has done the same thing and I can’t get it back on for anything.

  35. Got the ZMax Pro because my ZMax GPS didn’t work well with Pokemon Go, and after two months, now the GPS is hanging up, requiring a reboot on the ZMax Pro.. anyone know what is going on here?
    Thank you.

  36. I just got the ZTE ZMAX PRO this month on the first and now its overheating every time I put it on the charger and the screen is completely black. it’s receiving notifications and I can touch the phone to answer calls, but the screen wont show anything and I have no idea if the fingerprint system is working.

  37. My headphone jack has a connection problem. Often no sound or heavy crackling no matter what headphones I try use. Phone is only a week old.

  38. My husbands zte zmax pro says “Unfortunately, the phone has stopped” everytime he tries to go into the phone. He can still go in to contacts though. Any ideas on this???

  39. my phone just stop working while I was on it. I never dropped it or anything else to damage it, it just stopped and now it wont turn back on. PLEASE HELP SOMEBODY, ANYBODY!!!!!!!!

  40. Got locked out of playstore couldnt update or in stall apps. Went back to store told me to factory reset. Had tried everything to fixx now i have to factory reset each time. Also told them i cant delete voicemail or previous calls. Everytime i turn phone off then turn back on they return. Sales people have the same phone as i have and dont know how to help me. What amazing crew. It kept every call & voicemail since i bought this phone what can i do? All the recommended is paying 50$$ for a new replacement. Not a refurbished but a new one. Why didnt u train them before u relishing the phone. Trouble shooting tricks dont work. Is this really what u call a deal or a deal breaker. Just paid my first monthly payment for 60$ unlimited but 60$turned into 66$ and 3$ for going in to make payment and trying to get some one to fix my phone. So i paid 69$ to walk out with no answers. Hope they got a good commission and can sleep at night. Oh and merry Christmas to all.

  41. If you root and take away permissions from Google apps, they’re gonna f*ck with your phone and stuff’s gonna stop working. And ZTE seems to make their phones both hard to root and not act right once you finally do. I like the stuff root can do, but I’m not gonna root my Zmax Pro. I’ll keep my old G Stylo on hand for kicking people off of WiFi and recording game play (with system audio).
    Your fingerprint sensor stops working the same day you get it? You probably rooted it as soon as you got it home, took away permissions from Google apps and rebooted at some point. Sounds about right.

  42. Just got a replacement pro because of charging port problems as in no charging I think the problem was over charging don’t leave charging after 100%

  43. Multitouch has stopped workong can only touch the screen with one finge. If i attempt two fingers on the screen for a game the first finger works but when i place the second finger it cancls the first and wont read the two fingers on screen at the same time.I think the last update messed it up cant play first person shooters since i cant move and shoot at the same time. Anyone have the same problem any fixes?

  44. Multitouch has stopped workong can only touch the screen with one finge. If i attempt two fingers on the screen for a game the first finger works but when i place the second finger it cancls the first and wont read the two fingers on screen at the same time.I think the last update messed it up cant play first person shooters since i cant move and shoot at the same time. Anyone have the same problem any fixes?

  45. Sounds like a lot of user error here. My phone works fine. I have had it for 5 months now. And whoever wrote this article get your specs checked before you write this rubbish. This phone is a great mid range phone if you know what your looking at. Almost close to root. let’s go Messi. And for most of you check out Android authority most of your (user) problems can be addressed there. Later

  46. Internet connection is too slow and III a exclusively on 2G.The other Internet options like 3G and 4G LTE are not functioning.
    Intetnet sharing is relatively very slow.

  47. Edit to my previous comment.
    Did not know you could set permissions in Marshmallow without root.
    Also, I’ve noticed that this phone will sometimes reboot unpon fully charging. The last thing I want to say here is that ZTE has confirmed that this phone will be getting Android Nougat (7.0).

  48. When texting if I back space, orange border appears on edges of screen, keyboard becomes useless. I press am I get a z… Happening more and more frequently. Powering off and on corrects it.

  49. Ummmm, you have some bad information listed here, for 1, it DOES have Gyroscope,2 , it does have fast charge tech (it’s only 1.0 though), and 3, it does support VoLTE. This information can be found by simply using google, and searching specs for said device. You are correct that there is no NFC nor a removable battery. Thanks for steering people the wrong way, with bad info!

  50. This phone can not handle emulators well. Within seconds the screen becomes unresponsive to touch. Good luck with Nintendo 64 on this thing!

  51. Another issue with this device, and I’ve only had it since Jan. 17th ’17, is screen tearing/graphical glitches during gaming or watching videos. It isn’t entirely emersion breaking, but can be quite annoying while watching or playing something that is full or dark colors. Apparently this is a issue for lots of people, but with fix by ZTE planned.

  52. I need help my phone is saying not responding. How can my phone not make or recieve calls just out of nowhere? Anyone get that?

  53. I have four texts on the lock screen but there are no unread texts in my messages. Where are they or how do I access them? This has been going on for awhile

  54. Both of my Promax’s seem to be working fine, one is mine and one’s my daughter’s. But,,, NY camera, when connected to my wifi drone, will show a red screen when connected. I’ve tried another type of FPV drone and it also showed a red screen. When the video’s are vied in the gallery, there normal colors again.. Deleted and reinstalled software and still the same.

  55. My zmax pro is having the following issues.
    1. WiFi turns on and connects all the time. Yes I turned off wifi always scan and passport.
    2. Bluetooth shuts off for no reason often. Every now and then it turns on for no reason.

    3. Keeps telling me my SD card is corrupt then won’t let me format it. I tried on 3 different cards.

    I am backing up the phone now to hard reset it to see of this resolves the issues.

    I haven’t found a way to soft reset this phone. Any advice??

  56. had mine maybe 2 weeks and the screen wont turn on all of a sudden, the little home key lights up still but when I try to power it down nothing, when I power on nothing, its just doing nothing but the little home key flash thing, haven’t had my phone around moisture or anything, please help…

  57. If I have my ZTE ZMAX pro plugged in while using an app. The phone won’t stay charged. It actually loses charge while it’s plugged in. My old junky phone at least kept charge and would recharge while plugged in. Thinking I made a mistake buying this phone. It says five hours to fully charge takes mine all night sometimes even longer.anyone else with this issue?

  58. My voice is not heard by a caller though I hear the caller’s voice. It just stopped. It was fine then all of a sudden no one can hear me. I haven’t dropped or even bumped my Z Max Pro 981

  59. I’ve had the phone for a few months now and it’s buggy as hell. WIFI no longer works. Bluetooth no longer works. Music randomly pauses. Factory reset has not fixed. Have done multiple. Metro couldn’t figure out why. Said it was bad hardware. If you don’t use Bluetooth or Wifi then everything else is great.

  60. I have a question. The last update that the Zte did caused me not to receive and phone calls or text messages. Anyone know how to fix this?

  61. Barely had this phone for a week and then the front camera the fingerprint sensor and SIM card reader all stopped working at the same time can’t figure it out can anyone help me all I’ve been able to do with this phone is using for internet pretty much ZTE zMAX Pro Android version 6.0.1

  62. hi
    my zmax pro has chargin ptoblems i feel the cable very loos from the port and if a move the phone stops charging
    this problem is the port or the cable ?

  63. I haven’t had any problems with my Z981 until the recent update, now the top of the phone heats up and the dual touch screen function freezes up until I let go but can still only use one finger at a time. Very inconvenient for a mobile game YouTuber….

  64. I bought the ZTE ZMAX pro and it worked for 2 weeks then next thing you know my screen just goes black but my menu button is blinking but my screen won come on at all

  65. My phone shuts off completely and I can’t turn it back on until I reboot it. It will be completely charged at the time. Not sure what is going on.

  66. I’ve had my phone for 4 years now.. My girlfriend and her nefews has had this phone cause I’ve had diffrent phines.. They’ve had NO PROBLEMS with this phone but once it’s in my hands then it gives me problems.. #1. The Screen Freezes #2. It Doesn’t hold a charge and #3. The Face Scanner Barely works.. I do not know what to do because that’s the only phone I can use right now cause I can’t land a job.. So Please help me before I snap the phone in half please..

  67. I have had my ZTE Max pro for a lil over three weeks​ and it has started turning off and rebooting on its own. It does this several times throughout the day. Anyone else with this issue?

  68. I have had the ZTE Z Max Pro for a few months now and it has NEVER taken anywhere near 5 hours to charge it. In fact I would say it charges pretty quickly.

  69. …mine now doesnt stream music or video without it pausing by itself,,,,,,when typing,,it automatically removes the keyboard,,,,wtf,,,any solutions??

  70. Having lots of trouble doing screenshots!! Pressing both buttons don’t work… Anyone else have this problem? I mean it only works one time and when you go do another screenshot takes forever or not at all. Very frustrating!

  71. Having lots of trouble doing screenshots!! Pressing both buttons don’t work… Anyone else have this problem? I mean it only works one time and when you go do another screenshot takes forever or not at all. Very frustrating!

  72. This list is wrong. I haven’t had any of these issues. It has a gyroscope. It also supports up to 256gb cards. They have excellent support for it and the fingerprint sensor is fast.

  73. To phone definitely has gyroscope and takes under 2-3 hours charge. Maybe you have a defective phone. My camera quality is great. It’s really a great phone. You can cast your screen onto a TV if hooked up on the same wifi as the other device.

  74. I have this phone bought it back in January I loved it up until maybe a month ago it started dropping service regardless of where I am. I can’t get above a 4G as far as my date but I put my SIM card in another phone and I got my 4G LTE back but once I put it back in and pro it went back to just 4G. Lastly my takes longer then 5 hours for my phone to charge and it get over heated very quickly. I no longer like this phone.

    • Also anyone else have the issue of the phone just typing away or he screen just tweaking out? Min will open random apps & dial random numbers on its on.

  75. I bought my Zte Zmax Pro about 2 weeks ago, almost 2 days after the phone started overheating continuously and it would go on for at least 1 hour, and drain a full battery within 2 hours. I also have problems with the RAM my phone is extremely slow and glitches alot. Are there any solutions or was it just me who bought a bad model?

  76. My phone does what it wants to… Turns off whenever opens apps calls random people basically freaks out on me then does it’s own thing anyone else having this issue or does it sound like it’s a manufacturer defect

  77. The phone does have fast charging capability you just have to own a fast adaptive charger. I previously owned a Galaxy S6.


  79. I’ve had my ZTE for over six monthsand the only reason I got it was because of how huge the screen was. I really wanted the biggest screen I could find. Well I don’t know why but I’m having serious issues with my ability to watch videos. I watch quite a bit of video content and I seem to continuously have interruption of service. I’m not at all tech savvy so please bare with me while I describe what happens. For example I’ll go to YouTube put a video it might start then boom that damn blue spinning wheel comes on like it’s rebooting. I mean it’s become damn near unbearable. I can’t seem to watch a damn video all the way through anymore because of this interruption. Something is telling me it might not be the phone it might be the service but then my wife has the same cell phone service provider, hell were under the same exact account. The difference being she has a different phone. I’m wondering if it’s due to watching to many videos. I do watch a great deal if them. Yet I just don’t think I’m using this phone anymore than most people, then again I could be wrong. All I know is I’m more than frustrated. I love the size of the phone. I’m a big guy and I like that the phone fits me. I can’t stand small pgines. The screen is a major draw for me but I’m ready to throw this damn thing out if I can’t watch videos which is primarily what I use my phone for outside of calling and texting. Has anyone had any issues regarding interference of service

  80. ive had mine for just over 3 months and it is now hanging when i play a game and it starts to overheat at one point it even reached 120°F even without a case it still over heats

  81. Bought my ZMax pro in Dec, and as of March my headphones jack won’t stay connected. I ride a motorcycle and any time I move the music dies. I wiggle the connection and sometimes I can get the music back, but sometimes I have to pull the phone out of my pocket to push play because the mic button won’t work when it does that. Also, sometimes I’ll be trying to get the music back playing and the phone reboots itself on it’s own

  82. I love how uninformed and stupid people are.
    1.) Clean master? GTFO
    2.) VoLTE does not use Data….
    3.) EVERY issue spoken of above I have seen in store many times. EVERY time it was user induced.
    4.) Having issues? Do a HARD RESET, (using buttons) not a factory reset. (yes, theyre different)
    5.) I lOVE when people act like they’re pro’s but in all reality have not a clue.

  83. Me and my husband we have had our phone maybe a little over 4 to 6 months. The problem that we’really having is our phone goes into emergency call mood for a while then it comes back on….can’t find a solution to it

  84. My music will not play, it pauses my Pandora and You tube, keyboard won’t type at times and if I download music I still can’t hear it not even through my ear phones. Please help

  85. My zte zmax pro would not turn on after just 3 weeks. The red light down below was on showing it was receiving a charge, but no matter how long I charge it wouldnt turn on or do anything. After about 3 days I was about to take it back to store and it just started working out of the blue. It continued to work fine for about a month or so and just two days ago it has done the exact same thing and will not turn on again. Has anyone experienced this and if so was there a reason, solution or a remedy?

  86. ZMax pro after 2 months of working perfectly fine now all the sudden keeps dropping all signal. Removed and rechecked GSM was in correctly and factory reset nothing changed. Does anybody have any idea of what is going on?

  87. I have an issue with my ZTE ZMax Pro. When I set my phone down while the screen is on (both screen up or screen down), the screen will blacken, the 3 lit buttons on front stay lit, and when I touch my screen it is still active.. just can’t see what im doing. I have to hit the power button to lock the phone, then turn the screen back on via fingerprint or power button. My sister has the same issue with her ZMax Pro as well. I can’t find anything online about this. Please help.

  88. Well let me tell you hat I encountered… I have had a 4 digit pin on mine. Today it wouldn’t unlock and I tried every pin I knew to get back in it . ( mind you I always use a few of the same pins) I tried for over an hour to get back in and couldn’t. I then decided to go to tmobile and they tried to master reset it- and I STILL CAN’T GET INTO MY PHONE Or GMAIL from the phone, I called Tech support and they said I may be able to after a day! WOW! He did end up setting me up with a new device! So I should be able to pick it up by WEdnesday! I guess it is better thab dealing with this bullshit though. This is my 2nd device already. The 1st one crapped out after a month ( it wouldn’t even turn back on!)
    I will tell you this…. I won’t EVER BUY another ZTE! Next time I’ll go back to SAMSUNG!!!!

  89. Ever since I got my zmax pro, 2.5 weeks ago, it seems to run extremely hot. Even when I’m on a quick phone call I find myself using speaker phone so I don’t have to hold this heating pack to my face. I just switched from the LG Stylo G2G and now I really miss it. My Google photos lags really bad when I try to view anything more than 30 days past.

    Ugh…if it didn’t get so hot it wouldn’t be a big deal trying to learn this phone. Can anyone help?


  90. Also how do I stop the drop down menu on the main screen from engaging while I am on a phone call? The duration is ‘off’, I have tried putting the screen timer down to the lowest (15) seconds, as well as locking the screen with the power button. Grrrr…new phones suck!!!!

  91. My phone gets over heated a loot and shuts off by its self and then doesn’t turn on for weeks . I’m stuck with this phone for a while cause of a contract or something.

  92. Mine just caught fire while I was on it burnt my finger melted the inside and outside of the charging port the charger is melted I’m just thankful I was not sleeping…ugh

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